How you can make $100,000 and enroll dozens of new clients in one day using virtual events.

In this webinar you discover:

  • The know-how to leverage the power of virtual events to build your list and generate high-ticket clients

  • How to craft a winning event in just 5 simple steps

  • How to instantly Increase your hourly income by 400-4,000%

  • The key mistakes to avoid when crafting a virtual event, saving you time and making you more money

About The Speaker

Leveraging his Masters in Business Administration along with a passion for coaching, training, and automation, International Best Selling Author Brendan McCauley has helped business owners from around the globe bring their message to the masses by leveraging virtual stages. He specializes in automation, organization, and making "tech" simple. As a Les Brown Certified speaker himself, he understands the importance of getting on more stages and monetizing, which is why he has created turnkey lead generation tools, like 5-Day Challenges and Masterclasses, allowing his clients to focus on what they do best, and let his team do the rest.

Wednesday | May 1, 2024

5:00-7:00 PM (Pacific)

8:00-10:00 PM (Eastern)

Host: Patrick Diamond

Organizer of Entrepreneurs International Network

Speaker: Brendan McCauley

5 Day Challenge Master

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